The Project

GameLAB is closely modelled on the game jam project “Gamify Your PhD,” run by the Wellcome Trust, UK in September 2012, London. The goal of GameLAB is to engage Vietnamese scientists together with game designers in a Game Jam that generates playable game outcomes that explore science themes. On each development team, scientists will provide scientific concepts and rigour, while the game designers will provide their own unique ideas, technical skills and industry insight.

Once built and ready to play, we will take the games out to the public, promoting the science, the designers and the scientists behind the games. This will be done primarily through a comprehensive schedule of events that roll out across Ho Chi Minh City and secondly by promoting gameplay online.

We believe that it’s possible to create truly engaging games that are based on truly important science. With such strong links to technology, there is a natural synergy between science and gaming, which is something we will full take advantage of. The strength of some outbreak games in recent times has shown how well this can work.

This project is proudly sponsored by: Fact & Fiction Films, Wellcome Trust UK, Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, The Ho Chi Minh City Communist Youth Union, Design Exchange Saigon, YanTV, Matterhorn Communications, Sideroom, Cloud 9 Production.