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GameLAB has prizes to give away just for having fun! Download the games, enter the competition and you can win daily prizes.

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Play for your little one!

Did you know: The amount of time a parent spends with their child is in direct proportion to the child’s increase in development - so grab a little one and ...Read More

Plant a seed.

Check out the inspiring introduction of the game Happie Seeds: "Raising a child is like planting a seed, it requires some planning and a good bit of work. It is ...Read More

Fend your bubble!

Who’s bubble has popped? Enjoy this super fun, colourful game. The artwork is bright, happy and full of stars, circles and bears. Your kids won’t be able to resist! Check ...Read More

A product of love and passion

All good things in life are made out from passion and love.Save Anne is one of those great things. Download and discover why we love this great game.  

Penicillin the magical medicine!

Did You Know: Penicillin is a group of antibiotics derived from Penicillium fungi. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin accidentally in 1928. However, it was only 10 years later, when penicillin was ...Read More

Science all the way!

Did you know that science is all around us. Have you ever thought about how important science is? Take a look at this video and see what people say about ...Read More

The game of the future

In the future Happie Seeds will include a suite of mini games for adults and kids to play together … Right now we only get a taste of what’s to ...Read More

Have fun with your kid!

Having difficulty to interact with kids? Let us help you! Play Happie Seeds with your kids and help them with their cognitive, languages and socialization skills.

Help Anne!

Oh no! Anne is sick!  She needs penicillin to cure her. Can you help her out? She will thank you with a chance to win a Play Station 4 and ...Read More

Trò chơi cho cả gia đình!

Con chơi vui, ba mẹ có quà tặng. Bạn còn chờ gì nữa? Tải ngay game Happy Seeds và cùng giúp bé hoàn thiện các kỹ năng!  

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